How Content Creation Can Help You Scale Your REI Business

Guest: Krista Mashore, coach, realtor, and real estate investor

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This week’s podcast guest is Krista Mashore. Krista is a realtor and marketing expert. She shared some amazing tips on how to develop a massive audience through video and social media. One of her top tips is that you need to be considered a solution by your potential buyers and or clients. Pick the platform you’re the most comfortable with! Entertain, excite and educate. You will need to pay to optimize your audience and get attention. Creating content is great but you need people to see it. Start by building trust and making yourself known, then you can start pushing for “conversion”. Tune in for proven and tested marketing tips to help you grow your network.

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • Awesome marketing tips to attract more properties and investors
  • Creating a lot of content and exposing it to the masses for exposure
  • Going from being a teacher to becoming a realtor, then coach and investor
  • How to do something different and service-driven
  • Started using video before all others did
  • How to stand out from the competition
  • Now coaching other agents and investors or entrepreneurs to grow their following