Moshnake is a phenomenal game-based platform that yields great opportunities alongside coins like Sandbox and Quantum

Play-to-earn games are a subset category of cryptocurrency and the digital space. However, asides from gaming, this sub-category of cryptocurrency allows users experience a fun side to cryptocurrency outside games. With most game-based platforms, users experience it as though they are fully physically there.

The Moshnake platform is a gaming and crypto-based platform that functions on the blockchain ecosystem. As a result, a community of users and investors further interact through gaming opportunities in the platform’s ecosystem. Therefore, the Moshnake platform functions as a play-to-earn NFT gaming platform. The in-game tokens of this platform are operating on the BNB Smart Chain network.

Furthermore, the Moshnake platform was inspired by the old all-time hit classic game, snake, which was legendary gameplay and a widely played game. However, the operations of this platform are a little different from the classic gameplay because players are rewarded with in-game tokens that can be sold for fiat money. Also, players can maneuver their NFTs to feed on eggs and all sorts of in-game items while battling other snakes in the battle arena.

Why are the Moshnake Token on the BNB Smart Chain Network?

There are several reasons why the Moshnake tokens are BNB-based tokens. The Binance network is known for its fast transaction speed, and low transaction cost. Therefore, the Moshanke platform chose the BNB Smart Chain platform as its token network for this reason and more. However, these reasons include:

  • Compatibility with metaverse feature of the Moshanke platform
  • Super fast transaction speed and low transaction cost
  • Its connection to major CEX platforms will further boost the transaction speed and efficiency
  • Binance Smart Chain’s popularity in the gaming industry of crypto
  • Its compatibility with the hardware wallet
  • The environment-friendly network of the BNB Smart Chain

Moshnake’s Tokens

The Moshnake platform functions as two equally important tokens. These tokens perform various functions, as well as function differently. One of the tokens is the MSH toke. This token functions as the governance token of the Moshnake platform. However, this token is responsible for every governing or platform-based activity on the Moshnake platform.

The second token in the Moshnake ecosystem is the venom token, or VEN. This token functions as the in-game token of the Moshnake platform. However, this token is responsible for every game-based activity on the Moshnake platform. In addition, the MSH token is what players use to purchase the VEN token. Also, there are one billion MSH tokens in circulation and twenty billion VEN tokens in circulation.

Moshnake Versus Sandbox (SAND)

Sandbox (SAND)

The Sandbox token creates a thriving 3D world that allows users to enjoy and experience the metaverse on a different level. However, the Sandbox games have become very popular, and this platform has garnered a large community of gamers, users, and investors. Also, the Sandbox platform functions on the Ethereum network to ensure fast transaction speed and low cost. 

Furthermore, Sandbox was launched in 2011 by Pixowl. The Sandbox blockchain aims to introduce blockchain technology to gaming successfully. With its focus on facilitating creativity through its play-to-earn model, the SAND token is phenomenal in blockchain gaming crypto. Also, the SAND token facilitates transactions on the Sandbox platform.

Moshnake Versus Quantum (QTUM)

Quantum (QTUM)

Quantum is a proof-of-stake mechanism-based platform. Tokenized by QTUM, it aims to combine the strengths of Bitcoin and Ethereum in one chain through its open-source blockchain and innovative contract platform. However, Quantum is built on Bitcoin’s UTXO transaction model but with added functionalities of smart contracts and Decentralized apps.

The Quantum project was officially announced in 2016 and formally launched in 2017. However, the Quantum blockchain platform proffers solutions in ways that are unique in functionality. Also, the Quantum platform just recently added support for DeFi applications on its platform.