The Common Problem For Business Owners And The Simple Fix

If you are an entrepreneur, working hard under the radar to get your next big idea off the ground, building it into something that will catch the eye and attract investment, you’ll quickly realise you can’t do everything yourself.

Perhaps your company is already on a good footing, and you are looking to take it to the next level, moving from a big fish in the small pond of local business to the ocean of international trading. Again, you’ll need all the help you can get. No business is an island, and your brand will only grow as big as you allow it to.

Whether you are selling wedding cakes in London or promoting the best sports betting apps to new customers in the United States, all new starts and small business owners have the same wish. It’s not to get super rich – that comes later – it’s not to have an office block in the middle of the city, and it’s not even to own a fleet of supercars. The majority of entrepreneurs launching a new brand want just one thing – to cut themselves in half.

That’s magic

Why would they want to do that unless it’s a magic act they are presenting as a business? Well, the reason business owners say they want to separate or clone themselves is because we struggle to get the right staff. Only you understand where your business has come from and where it wants to get to.

Only you are emotionally attached and willing to work long hours, often without pay, to make your idea a success. If there were two of you, it would take the edge off, allowing your company to flourish.

Thankfully, another option allows you to keep all your body parts attached and work together to make your dream a reality.

The solution to the problem of needing a clone of yourself to help take some of the workloads off your shoulders is to hire a great online content writer. This job covers many different aspects of your business, and if you are fortunate enough to find a good content writer with plenty of experience, we suggest you snap them up.

The primary role of an online content writer – the clue is in the name, of course – is to produce engaging content in words and images that will help your website and smartphone app stand out from the crowd.

What a good content writer brings

Suppose you are an independent travel agent. A capable content writer can produce eye-catching and informative paragraphs for your website that will encourage visitors to make purchases and book vacations through your channel.

Perhaps you own a cryptocurrency token or a popular Bitcoin affiliate site. Your writer should be good enough to quickly introduce how investing in crypto works, make it sound as simple as possible, and then lead the reader on a journey that ends with them purchasing from your app. Good content can prove the difference between a visitor making a purchase or becoming so confused that they leave your site and shop at a rival.

It’s not just the written word that a content producer brings to the table. If they have trained in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) practices, they will have the skills to tell you how the site is performing against your competitors. This allows you both to tweak the content and style of delivery to improve your turnover. The online study will show you wish pages of your app are performing well, attracting new visitors and transferring them to paying customers.

There is only one slight problem with finding a good content writer who can produce the kind of tasks you are after, in a timely fashion and within budget – they are like hen’s teeth. We’ve found that uncovering a reliable writer is no mean feat as some of the biggest businesses have already snatched them up, realising the potential. But it’s not too late. When contemplating employing a content writer, don’t put an end date on the vacancy posting as you want the right person for the job, not the first person that applies.