Xiaomi has an anti-stress device that few know about and it only costs 3 euros

This little Xiaomi toy will accompany you everywhere, you will not be able to get rid of it.

you just have to pay €3.42 to take you home one of the most curious devices of xiaomi. We know that the Chinese firm sells all kinds of products, but very few know of its existence. We talk about an anti-stress cube that is destined to become your faithful companion.

It is small, light and addictive. Are you restless hands? You will be playing with it all day and it will help you reduce stress levels in those complicated moments of the day. We do not know how long it will remain at this price, but we are clear that it is a very original purchase.

Xiaomi Antistress Cube

This little cube will go everywhere with you.

This small cube is made up of other smaller white cubes joined by striking orange pieces. These allow mobility, but only in specific ways that you must find. You will have the chance to “touch” it, changing the positions of its different pieces and playing with it. It’s addictive and relaxing.

The Xiaomi anti-stress toy is also detachable, you can disassemble it completely and create all kinds of structures. As they say, the only limit is your imagination. There are different accessories, you will even have the possibility to build a small car with it.

Our protagonist fits perfectly in your pocket, a few minutes of play will be enough for you to want to take it with you everywhere. Traveling on the bus, in an interview or while waiting for an exam, this little cube will help you cope a little better.

Xiaomi Antistress Cube

You do not have to pay practically anything to receive at home one of the most original and unknown products in the Xiaomi catalog. When you get used to having it you won’t go anywhere without it, I assure you. If you are interested, do not think too much, this price will only be available for a limited time.

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